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Goal Zero: The Vision of the Accident Free Workplace

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Safety Summit: Shale oil and gas drilling, fracking and production Goal: Exchange of ideas and best practices in safety September 12, 2019 Houston, Texas

Michael Gautreaux, MS, CSP

Safety is a critical element for any business. Workplace accidents are costly. They often result in mounds of paperwork that can be lost, misfiled, or incomplete making it difficult to track incidents let alone find patterns to make real improvements. What if you had a convenient, comprehensive way to track and improve your system? Even better, what if you had a way that could actually help your business achieve Goal Zero (a vision that drives a safety culture around a belief that accident free operations is achievable)?

Earlier this month, the top  contractors gathered at an industry summit  to exchange ideas and best practices for improving safety performance. One of the key concepts to emerge was presented by our client and Michael Gautreaux, MS, CSP (founder of Safework Solutions). They discussed the benefits of technology for improving safety performance to achieve Goal Zero. They introduced Safework Solutions.

Created in 2014, the Safework Suite Software is a real-time, risk-based management system capable of doing more than simply tracking safety measures. This multi-faceted technology solution also encourages reporting and identifies opportunities to improve a safety management system. As the software evolves, new developments will hopefully include efforts to manage quality as well.

For now, let’s focus on the safety results from Safework Suite Software. Multiple developments and additions to the initial software helped the client leadership team  to foster a safety-conscious workplace. Thanks to the gamification features, employees were engaged and motivated to participate and work with the software with incredible results. Within three years, the client achieved Goal Zero.  They’ve successfully completed more than 2.8 million work hours with ZERO recordable incidents.

Even better, the investment in Safework Suite has been paid back 3-fold in savings from reduced insurance costs. Imagine that! A cost-effective approach to not just improve your safety performance but actually eliminate incidents from your workplace.

This can happen for YOU too! Safework Suite Software is user friendly, engages all of your employees, and yields real results. By sticking to the basics of reporting hazards, assessing risks, and managing controls, the software engages all levels of employees to create a safer workplace for all.

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