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Management of Change (MOC)

Safework Suite® Management of Change (MOC) software documents important changes made in safety processes, materials, equipment, procedures, and policies and provides a centralized workflow to manage and distribute those changes to the affected departments, employees, and contractors.

Key Features

Management of Change

MOC Process: A flexible MOC software solution for managing risk associated with changes in the workplace.

Trackable workflow to manage the phases of permanent and temporary MOC.

Configurable approval groups to align with your company risk matrix protocols.

Manage Implementation Tasks: Assign, track, and document completion of tasks required to implement changes.

Attachments: Attach documents, photos, and drawings and other related changes to the MOC record.

Manage changes to the record through a MOC Coordinator role that moderates the process from request to verification closure.

MOC Monitoring: Email alerts, digest reports, and dashboarding for real-time monitoring of the process. 

Custom Key Performance Metrics to manage the business process and ensure changes are implemented and effective.

Available as a Stand-Alone Module


MOC processes ensure that all I's are dotted and T's crossed before changes take place so that you can rest easy knowing that implementation has been double checked and verified.


The Safework Advantage!

Entire MOC process managed in one central location

Multiple approval groups/stages supported

Automatic email alerts sent out at every stage of the MOC process

Attach and organize documents associated with MOCs

Real-time visual graphs for quick management oversite 

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Easy MOC lookup and status indicators, as well as instant automatic email alerts at every stage of the process

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