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Shared Learning System

Safework Suite® Shared Learning System allows your employees to share safety experiences among each other and to learn from incidents and near misses. It also serves as an accountability tool for management so that all lessons are recorded and retained for future safety checks and mitigation measures.

Key Features

Shared Learning Software

Categorize the type of incident or alert, by near miss, ​high-risk condition, policy or procedure, NCR, MOC, or incident

Search shared learning records by date, employee, and type

Distribute and notify personnel of shared learning events

Upload supporting documentation and pictures


Users can read about and learn from each other’s experiences and more importantly stay accountable to each other for their safety.


The Safework Advantage!

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Allows employees to learn from each other; provides a system of rapid feedback and notification about issues, and provides a constructive system for solving similar or future problems

Provides an effective way for each other to show stewardship and demonstrate accountability for a safe workplace

Allows management to share crucial findings, outcomes, events, and conclusions with employees and management 

  • Creates a stronger safety culture

  • Emphasizes training concepts

  • Increases commitment to safety

  • Reinforces company policies

  • Provides invaluable, constructive feedback


Shared learning is an essential part of a safety-based culture, and companies should promote opportunities for their employees to contribute their accounts of events and occurrences.

What Our Clients Are Saying About

Our Lessons Learned Tracking Software

"Shared Learning Delivers
Real Work Experiences"

“The Safework Suite® Shared Learning System enables organizational learning with easy to distribute near miss, incident alerts and other learnings from our real-world experiences."

Aaron S. - Division Operations Manager -Shreveport, LA

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