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Inspection & Survey Tool

Safework Suite® Inspection tool allows you to record periodic inspections of your worksite and equipment based on predesigned inspection templates. This tool walks you through the inspection process by asking relevant questions that ensure each inspection point is covered.

Key Features

Inspection Management Software

Gives description fields for documenting both safe and unsafe observations so that you can capture the full details of the inspection

Provides preformatted inspection points in question/answer format

Provides an easy-to-access, filterable, and exportable database of all inspection records

Offers many types of reports for inspection compliance and statistics

Allows simple labeling of each inspection point so that you can easily see which item passed or failed the inspection


With so many items to inspect, the Inspection tool helps keep them all organized and accessible for easy reporting and recordkeeping.


The Safework Advantage!

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Give supervisors a way to systematically ensure that required inspections are being completed

Manage multiple inspections across multiple worksite and locations

Keep up with corrective actions that result from negative inspection results

Give statistical feedback to supervisors about recurring issues and hazards

Reduce complex and frustrating paper document trails


Routine inspections determine whether equipment is in proper condition and whether work processes conform to standards and regulations. This tool makes the inspection process so much easier.

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