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The Safework Suite™ is a safety management system designed to sustain your critical risk management business requirements. We offer a suite of integrated tools operating in an on-demand, real-time, cloud-based platform.


Achieve better OS&H performance

Lower insurance and operating costs

Demonstrate OH&S compliance

Continual improvement platform

Real-time risk-based safety reporting

KPI dashboard and advanced analytics

Optimize safety operations

Proactive safety culture

Supports ISO 45001 process

Avoid disruptions from turnover to your safety process with a lasting safety management system and customer service made up of safety professionals.


Safework Solutions: A Foundation For Success 

       I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on our company's safety systems. I was proud of our system, but when a major incident occurred, I felt blindsided… It was a gut-wrenching wakeup call. The way we were tracking and managing safety data was highly inefficient, with boxes and boxes of safety paperwork waiting to be processed…

After a thorough audit of our safety systems, we determined that we needed a scalable solution that offered a PROACTIVE risk-based management system that could help us drive continuous improvement.

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"Today, The Safework Suite™ has transformed the entire CULTURE of SAFETY at our company."

I can now sleep at night knowing our safety program is on a relentless pursuit of incident-free operations and GOAL ZERO!" 


We were honored to present this story at the Shell Supplier Summit of 2019.

Michael Gautreaux, M.S. CSP, presenting Berry Bros. story at the Shell Vendor Safety Summit

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Read more about how Berry Bros. helped inspire the founding of
Safework Solutions and the creation of their exceptional HSE software.

The Safework Suite™


Best In Class LMS

The Safework Suite™ Training Manager (STM) is a learning management system (LMS) that provides essential tools for delivering, managing, and recording employee training. The STM helps your company meet regulatory training compliance while simplifying the process that goes into overseeing and delivering training to employees with various responsibilities and roles across your organization.

Pre-designed free learning content

Ready-to-go courseware

Curriculum management

Searchable records

Compliance tools

Extensive reporting


EHS Reporting and Analytics


All the safety data you care about for managing  risks and improvements, right at your fingertips. 

  • Trending of behavior observations & safe work barriers 

  • Identified hazards and risk assessments trends

  • Email alerts of SWA & high risk observations 

  • Training compliance matrices 

  • Incident & near miss trending

  • Inspection and audit findings

  • JSA performance & disciplinary action trends

  • Corrective actions & risk mitigation results 

  • And more...

Need custom reporting? No problem!  


Multi-Language Support

The Safework Suite™ complies with OSHA where information is provided to employees in a language that is understandable to employees.

Employees can choose their language preference, such as Spanish, French and Punjabi.

We support any language!


EHS Gamification Energizes Employee Involvement!

The Safework Suite™ gaming elements influence employees' participation with:

  • Leaderboards

  • Point scoring

  • Achievement badges and levels

  • Real-time performance reporting

  • Peer-to-peer competition

  • And more…


Let us help you solve employee involvement as the foundation to a healthy safety culture!


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