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Despite hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on safety systems that included safety professionals, training, and reporting, Berry Bros., a large oil and gas contractor, sadly experienced a fatality on the job in 2013. They were blindsided by this because they thought they had a good program. With better than average OSHA incident rates than the industry peers, how could this possibly have happened?  But more importantly, how could it have been prevented in the first place? Even with all of the safety professionals and programs that were in place and the significant efforts to control hazards, there was still no indication that there was a safety problem.


To make sure this would NEVER happen again, Berry Bros. hired a board-certified safety professional to perform an independent, comprehensive safety audit of their company's safety systems. While many improvement opportunities were identified, the method by which safety key performance indicators (KPIs) were gathered was clearly a major challenge. Manual processes using conventional spreadsheets and office-based software were very inefficient, highly expensive, and sometimes took months to produce metrics.


They needed a scalable solution that offered a real time, PROACTIVE risk-based management system to help drive continuous improvement. They needed technology that could monitor, track, and measure extensive recordkeeping requirements and performance metrics, such as behavior-based reporting and trending, inspections and hazard reporting, and corrective action tracking.

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At that point, the business owner asked Michael Gautreaux, the leading safety auditor and now Executive Vice President of Safework Solutions, a simple question, "If you were to recommend a technology solution, what would it do and how would it work?"  A few days later, Michael came back with the answer: a fully integrated EHS software to facilitate HSE business processes that work together with the corrective action process. Within a few weeks, Michael teamed up with Michael Dardar, CSP, and Tony Alan, Computer Engineer, to design an online fully functional, cross-platform safety management software that meets business and safety requirements.​ And, that is how Safework Solutions and The Safework Suite™ was born.

Within a year, Berry Bros. fully implemented the new system. The employees of the company have adopted this easy-to-use software and are actively engaged in the safety program now. They have seen a 10x increase in participation levels and a 12x increase in corrective actions, each one representing a hazard mitigation or system improvement. Using Safework Solutions' software has resulted in a significant saving in insurance premiums and has gained huge competitive advantage to attracting and retaining business.


Find out how we can turn your safety processes around with our innovative HSE software.

Discover insights on HSE culture and how we are contributing to zero incidents.

Our Staff

Michael Gautreaux, CSP

Michael Gautreaux, CSP

Executive Vice President
Client Relations
Product Development

Michael Gautreaux is a founding member and Executive Vice President of Client Relations and Product Development at Safework Solutions. Michael directs the company’s sales and marketing efforts and maintains client relationships. He establishes partner alliances and manages the authorized product reseller network. Michael is a Board Certified Safety Professional with over 25 years of experience in risk management and occupational safety & health systems.

Tony Alan

Tony Alan

Executive Vice President
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Tony Alan is a founding member and Chief Technology Officer at Safework Solutions. He is the principal architect of the Safework Suite™ program. Tony manages technology development and continuous improvement.

Jansen Benoit

Jansen Benoit

Operations Manager

Jansen Benoit manages operations for Safework Solutions to ensure customer success in the implementation and utilization of the Safework Suite™ software module. He manages customer integration service, maintains client software admin support service, and introduces clients to new upgraded features and ongoing client services. Jansen holds a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Services and Safety Management from Nicholls State University.

Cameron Simmons

Cameron Simmons

Staff Accountant

As the staff accountant, Cameron manages daily financial transactions, prepares and submits payroll and associated tax forms, processes monthly invoices and accounts payable, manages a yearly cash budget, and prepares end-of-year financial statements and 1099 data. 

Ashleigh Connors

Ashleigh Connors

EHS Technical Writer

Ashleigh is the contract technical writer for the Safework Solutions blog and manager of social media content. She is an Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) subject matter expert (SME), with 7 years of experience in complex, high-risk manufacturing industries. She has worked with a variety of organizations on the implementation of EHS software management systems to improve occupational health and safety programs.


What Our Clients are Saying

"More than a software vendor,
a real strategic partner."

"Safetwork Solutions, LLC provides superior customer service with unmatched attention to detail.  We consider them a strategic partner that helps us in our pursuit of Zero Incidents. They have expertise in safety management systems and have been a stabilizing force in maintaining continuity in our safety processes."

Charles Rodrigue
Operations Manager
Onshore Companies