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Disciplinary Action Tracker

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The Safework Suite™ Disciplinary Action Tracker (DAT) allows supervisors to document the disciplinary process by linking employee violation data with supporting documents and retaining records in an easily retrievable database.

Discipline Tracking Software Key Features

Document and organize disciplinary actions given to employees who have violated safety policies

Categorize violations by disciplinary action type, for example, warnings, suspensions, or terminations

Easily record disciplinary action occurrences and quickly retrieve and review violation history for all employees

Export violation records for reporting and recordkeeping and HR compliance

Provides cross-record tracking with the Corrective Action tool and allows the upload of supporting documents

DAT supports your progressive disciplinary action program to inform and document poor performance or behavior.

The Safework Advantage!

Assists HR managers in providing consistent discipline and ensures that the termination process meets regulatory requirements

Tracks patterns in discipline in order to establish corrective measures and implement additional training

Promotes an ethical and professional working culture that complies with HR labor practices

Easily produces documentation for OSHA investigations and other legal matters 

progressive discipline

Progressive discipline in the workplace is a formal process where employees are warned about their poor performance or behavior that could lead to termination. This process allows employees to be counseled, retrained, and giving formal writeups to that they have a chance to improve their behavior. In other words, discipline is an opportunity for employee growth.

DAT records contain relevant fields, supporting documents, and cross-references that make disciplinary action recordkeeping easy.

What Our Clients Are Saying About

Our Disciplinary Action Tool

Thomas F.

Corporate Safety

Houma, LA

"...Safework Suite™ software makes it possible..."

“I like the way Safework Suite™ software makes it possible for supervisors to link unsafe acts and unsafe condition observations to record disciplinary action warnings.


The system makes it easy to upload our existing forms and record violation types, warning categories, and supporting documentation.”

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