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Training Manager (LMS)

Safework Suite® Training Manager is a learning management system (LMS) that provides essential tools for delivering, managing, and recording employee training programs. Our LMS helps your company meet regulatory training compliance while simplifying the process that goes into overseeing and delivering training to employees.

Key Features

Training Management Software

Upload and assign training topics

Set up required curriculum per role and user

Visual matrix configuration and design

Organize training categories and topics

Managing user curriculum

Available as a Stand-Alone Module


Users can read guidance messages from management, view how many training items they have completed, see which training events are due, and see which courses they are actively registered for – all at a glance.


The Safework Advantage!

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Facilitates continual improvement in the execution of training activities.


Promotes the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions.


Supports company policies/regulations applicable to a safe work environment.


Tracks employee training with our all-in-one reporting and recordkeeping system.


Uploading content is hassle-free. Whatever type of training you need, our learning management system can accommodate.

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