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people assessing and reporting hazards

Hazard Reporter

Safework Suite® Hazard Reporter captures critical information about a safety event, hazard, condition, or behavior that could lead to damage to persons, property, or the environment. The Hazard Reporter makes it easier for you and your team to record and mitigate safety issues in an effort to prevent recurrences of incidents and injuries.

Key Features

Hazard Reporter

Gamifies hazard hunts and hazard submissions

Selects the work activity associated with the hazard

Links hazard data to other Safework tools

Categorizes the hazard by risk level and near miss

Records corrective actions taken

Configurable monthly hazard hunt campaigns by location


Everyone plays a key role in the communication, education, and awareness of hazards.

Get them involved and keep them involved with real-time gaming metrics to encourage employee involvement!


The Safework Advantage!

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Provides simple documentation of a problem and the resources and steps required for mitigation.


Identifies risk level and root causes so that it’s easier to implement the appropriate corrective action.


Categorizes findings according to OSHA’s recommended hierarchy of controls

Provides a safe avenue for reporting hazards that may have otherwise gone unspoken


Promotes shared learning through near miss reporting

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At the end of the day, everyone is responsible for their own safety, so reporting hazards should be a top priority.

We offer an out-of-the-box solution engagement tool for employee involvement in your safety management system!

What Our Clients Are Saying About

Our Hazard Survey Software

"More than a software vendor,
a real strategic partner."

Safetwork Solutions, LLC provides superior customer service with unmatched attention to detail. We consider them a strategic partner that helps us in our pursuit of Zero Incidents."

Charles, R - Project Manager - Thibodaux, LA

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