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Demonstrating your safe work system: where your company’s payoff begins.

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

In this blog I begin to explain the 8 tools critical to mapping and managing the safety business processes for oil & gas contractors. These tools are the raison d’être of safety measurement in the oil & gas space. As such, contractors who abide by them as well as exercise a method(s) of capturing and tracking their performance according to them are well ahead of others (and by “others” I mean competitors) who use no formal method to track performance. In other words, playing by the rules of the 8 safety businesses processes is the only way to secure contracts with larger contractors or producers. But signing off on paper that you follow these business processes and DEMONSTRATING, empirically, that you follow these business processes is the difference between “preferred” and non-preferred status.

So, in this blog I’m going to show you how to make the kinds of changes in documenting your safety business processes to demonstrate “continual improvement,” which is actually a formal measure in the business world of quality that can take your company from non-preferred to preferred.

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Before I identify the 8 business processes I want to say a word on the importance of documentation. Years ago I worked in a psychiatric hospital. In this environment I often found myself in circumstances with patients that were, well, less than ideal. The rule of thumb was “document what happened in the patient chart.” Those of us who worked there had a saying to one another, “if it’s not documented then it didn’t happen.” The last 10-15 minutes of a shift was dedicated to updating the patients’ chart. I would ask myself each night, “What do I need to note that is worthy of tracking a patient’s diagnosis?” On rare occasions patient intervention would require some kind of physical restraint to prevent danger to themselves or others. On these occasions documenting was a critical way of communicating with the medical director (not to mention covering my butt from possible liabilities).

The point was: If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.

 Likewise, your company cannot demonstrate safe work unintentionally. Safework Solutions is here to make the transition to intentional safety a reality. Your customers (and prospects) want to see your protocols for keeping your people safe. Demonstrating your safe work activities is the payoff for your business success. Call us today. We’ve got the tools to get you there.

We appreciate being a part of your day. Safework…em…work safe!

Designed by Board-Certified Safety Professionals for the safety practice, Safework Suite offers eight (8) real-time, web-based, safety tools with featured reporting that can transform your safety culture from a reactive one to a proactive one. The Safework OS&H management system will provide a platform of sustainable performance and continuous improvement.

Our product saves you time and money while adding value to your OS&H management system. Call us toll free 1-833-SWSUITE (1-833-797-8483) to schedule a demonstration of Safework Suite software. You may also contact us at or on our website,


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