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Safe and Sound with Safework Solutions®

Safework Solutions supports OSHA's Safe and Sound Campaign upcoming on August 15-21, 2022.

OSHA encourages us to report safety and health concerns, and most of us are willing to speak up when we see a direct correlation where our voice matters and management acts on our behalf. However, getting everyone onboard with a safety program can be challenging in several ways:

  1. Our company doesn’t provide a clear or easy way to voice our concerns.

  2. Reporting methods are out of date, complicated, or inconsistent.

  3. Management doesn’t act promptly, and our concerns get lost in a pile of paperwork.

  4. Supervisors treat our concerns as problems instead of opportunities for improvement.

  5. We are not encouraged to stop unsafe work for fear of retaliation.

  6. Our concerns are heard, but there are no ideas, resources, or solutions.

  7. Maybe nothing improves because no one wants to be the one to cause a stir.

From a worker’s perspective, it’s often very tough to follow through with the entire process of documenting hazards, compiling reports, participating in investigations, retraining, and often being put in the spotlight – all for one little observation that we thought would help improve work conditions. There’s got to be an easier way to voice our workplace concerns – something that provides a private, hassle-free system that actually gets the attention of management.

From a management perspective, maybe we need a software that organizes our complaints, observations, and reports into a legible and readily-available data system, where it’s easy for management to study the issues, evaluate mitigation options, and come up with effective solutions.

Safework Solutions places value on worker’s efforts to make the workplace a safer place. As an expert in the field, we place value on structured EHS processes and are proud to offer a dynamic software that meets the reporting needs of both the worker and management.

  • Clear and easy reporting

  • Online, quick access, and easy to use

  • Uncomplicated, automated alerts and notifications

  • No paperwork with intuitive forms and dashboards

  • Flagging of high-risk issues to signal quicker intervention

  • Stop work authority reporting to empower workers

  • Shared learning tools and corrective action documentation

  • Confidential reporting to focus on issues, not the blame

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