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Web-based Safety Management Systems: Lessons Learned From the Accounting Ledger

Updated: Feb 12, 2022


Consider how software has changed accounting and engineering work. The ledger and drafting table have been replaced by powerful software. Businesses evolve. So why are so many companies still using outdated methods to manage their safety system?

Introducing Safework Suite

Safety Evolved

Safework Solutions is revolutionizing HS&E with the most powerful, risk-based, easy-to-use, cloud-based software available. Safework Suite promotes accountability in performing vital, safework activities while eliminating administrative burdens associated with tracking, measuring, monitoring and evaluating HS&E risk control processes.

With Safework Suite you get powerful, real-time information & analytics. Choose from ten integrated tools, which emphasize various safety processes. We give you the choice of tool(s) to use so you can focus on processes crucial to you and your company. No more paper forms or spreadsheets.

Go to our website and take a look for yourself. Download our brochure and contact us today. Safework Suite™ empowers you to effectively manage your HS&E processes. Evolve your safety system.

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Designed by Board-Certified Safety Professionals for the safety practice, Safework Suite offers eight (8) real-time, web-based, safety tools with featured reporting that can transform your safety culture from a reactive one to a proactive one. The Safework OS&H management system will provide a platform of sustainable performance and continuous improvement.

Our product saves you time and money while adding value to your OS&H management system. Call us toll free 1-833-SWSUITE (1-833-797-8483) to schedule a demonstration of Safework Suite software. You may also contact us at or on our website,

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