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Safework Solutions Brings You Monthly Hazard Hunts

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] July’s topic is on mechanical hazard identification and mitigation. Sources of these hazards include rotating equipment, compressed springs, drive belts, conveyors, and motors. Remember when your mom pinched you when you misbehaved in public?  Well, that ain’t covered here! 

This resource is also intended to facilitate hazard hunts for your employees. Did you know our Safework Suite software contains a hazard hunt component with gamification to promote hazard identification and assessment? Like to learn more? Would you like to see how Safework Suite becomes your continuous process improvement platform? Request our Continuous Improvement infogram by emailing us.

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We appreciate being a part of your day. Designed by Board-Certified Safety Professionals for the safety practice, Safework Suite offers eight (8) real-time, web-based, safety tools with featured reporting that can transform your safety culture from a reactive one to a proactive one. The Safework OS&H management system will provide a platform of sustainable performance and continuous improvement.

Our product saves you time and money while adding value to your OS&H management system. Call us toll free 1-833-SWSUITE (1-833-797-8483) to schedule a demonstration of Safework SuiteTM software. You may also contact us at or on our website,


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