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Why Should You Use a Safety Events Calendar?

A health and safety events calendar can be an effective method to promote safety and get workers involved. You can set up safety meetings, hazard surveys, and general training throughout the year in the calendar month that line up with national, regional, and local safety observances. For example, Fire Safety Week is a significant reminder for all to take preventive actions on fire safety equipment in the home and workplace. Fire Safety week starts on the second Monday of October. That week is memorialized for the Great Fire in Chicago on October 8–10, 1871. You can read more about it here: Great Chicago Fire.

A good health and safety event calendar idea is planning for safety events throughout the year that are applicable to your workplace exposures. Campaigns can be as simple as a safety meeting topic, wall calendars, and focused hazard hunts. At Safework Solutions, we make it easy for our customers to configure a safety calendar events using pre-configured hazard theme hunts, and safety meeting content that promote safety.

Here is a sample of March events we are tracking. While there are many other important safety observances, these were chosen by Safework and set up in our Hazard Reporter safety hunt campaign. For example, you could increase awareness around ladder safety month by holding a ladder safety meeting the first week of March followed by a call to action to look for and inspection ladders during the month. If anyone finds a problem, it can be reported using the Safework Hazard Hunt Theme feature in the Hazard Reporting software.

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