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JSEA Program Performance Delivered: Safework Suite JSEA Management Solution.

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Safework SuiteTM Job Safety Environmental Analysis (JSEA) Manager is a software tool that manages JSEA field level activities and provides enhanced management system performance to align with ISO 45001 risk management standards. JSEAs are well established, programmatic safety activities aimed at risk reduction at the task level. Many companies struggle to get quality, risk-based assessments in order to drive continuous improvements within their JSEA programs.

Available as a module of Safework Suite the JSEA Manager provides a sustainable platform to demonstrate a company’s commitment to proactively improve its safety management system. If you struggle to determine the value-added benefit of JSEAs, measure quality and performance of safework activities, or obtain buy in from the field then you should investigate the Safework SuiteTM JSEA Manager.

The JSEA Manager module is designed to support a robust ISO 45001 Occupational Safety Management System approach regardless of company size or industry.

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Key features of the Safework SuiteTM JSEA Manager tool include:

  1. JSEA library of pre-developed JSEAs for reference by field crews in development of future JSEAs.

  2. Pre-determined hazards and mitigation measures that have been risk-ranked, recorded and available as a field guide to crews completing JSEAs.

  3. Synergy between JSEAs and Standard Operating Procedures through linking and uploading to the JSEA web-based library making them readily assessable as task-specific, field-hazard guides to crews.

  4. Optimization of JSEA program with built in auditing and monitoring performance analytics.

  5. Enhanced risk registry ranking processes allow management to baseline current task risk levels in order to drive organizational learning and continuous improvement of risk reduction activities.

  6. Advanced record-keeping and retrieval system for JSEA field activities provide performance-based analytics by task, risk, participant, etc., and maintains a documented, quantifiable record of mitigation, which supports ISO 45001 performance-based certifications.

Designed by Board-Certified Safety Professionals for the safety practice, Safework Suite offers eight (8) real-time, web-based, safety tools with featured reporting that can transform your safety culture from a reactive one to a proactive one. The Safework OS&H management system will provide a platform of sustainable performance and continuous improvement.

Our product saves you time and money while adding value to your OS&H management system. Call us toll free 1-833-SWSUITE (1-833-797-8483) to schedule a demonstration of Safework Suite software. You may also contact us at or on our website,


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