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Documenting Continuous OH&S Improvements Through Safework Suite.

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Organizations often face an uphill challenge demonstrating a proactive safety process and backing it up with tangible evidence of continual and continuous improvements. Safework Suite™ software provides an easy to use and cost-effective solution for small or large companies looking to improve their Occupational Safety and Health management system.

Safework Suite’s integrated corrective action tool is the centerpiece for tracking continuous improvement. Other tools within the Safework Suite, (e.g., BBS, Stop Work Authority, Hazard Hunter, or Inspection Tool) identify non-conforming events and feed the information to our Corrective Action Tracker (CAT). There the hazard is assessed according to a risk matrix and awaits to be assigned to appropriate personnel within an organization. Deadlines are set and assignees are notified electronically when they receive a corrective action to work, mitigate and close. This simple but robust activity then becomes an artifact DEMONSTRATING your process of continuous improvement. Our CAT process gets you there. The repeated process of using our CAT to identify, assess and mitigate risks demonstrates your company’s dedication to continual improvement.

Safework provides you the tools to document continuous improvement AND continual improvement.

Download Corrective Action Infographic Designed by trusted Board-Certified Safety Professionals for the safety practice, Safework Suite™ offers ten (10) powerful web-based safety tools featuring real-time reporting that can transform your safety culture from reactive to proactive.  The system will provide a platform for sustainable performance and continuous improvement.

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Call us toll free (1-833-SWSUITE * 1-833-797-8483) to schedule a demonstration of Safework SuiteTM software. Our product saves you time and money while adding value to your OS&H management system.

Click here to learn how to use our software for continual and continuous improvements. To download high resolution, full page infographic click below.


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